Exhibitor Scope
    Sugarmach Exhibition Indonesia 2017 Jakarta will be focused on some areas


    Equipment & Machinery

    • Boilers & Turbines
    • Conveyers and Conveying
    • Soil Working, Seeding & Fertilization
    • Harvesters for Cane and Beet
    • Drilling & Sowing
    • Storage Techniques
    • Special Crops
    • Municipal Application

    Technology for Sugar

    • Distillation
    • Fermentation
    • Co Generation
    • Cane Farming
    • Sugar Processing
    • Sugar refining

    Agro Chemical

    • Fertilizer
    • Pesticide
    • Ethanol Manufacturing
    • Chemical Manufacturer

    Environment Technology

    • Farming Irrigation & Water Technology
    • Environment Management and Effluent Treatment
    • Pipes
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Water Treatment


    Service and Maintenance

    • Sofware & Hardware
    • Security Devices
    • Consultant
    • Quality Control
    • Laboratory
    • Tracking System


    Farming Transportation

    • Tractor
    • Truck
    • Motorcycle
    • Tyre
    • All Terrain Vehicle
    The exhibition was organized very well so visitors could easily visit the booth of exhibitors. Noticed that number of visitors were many until the last day, Saturday 27 Aug 206. We’re glad that our booth were visited by many potential customers.
    Mr. Jaya Malassa
    Mr. Jaya Malassa
    Director of PT. Inter Agro Indonesia
    INAGRITECH 2016 marks our first participation in Indonesia. The show is a good platform for us to show our products and our team, to meet up with potential customers, and will help us break into Indonesian markets. We’ve had many visitors stop by our booth. I am glad that we chose the right platform.
    Mr. Hunter Huang
    Mr. Hunter Huang
    General Secretary, Indonesian Automotive Part and Components Industries Association (GIAMM)
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