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    The 2nd Indonesia International Sugar Machinery, Equipment and Processing Technology Exhibition 2018

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    Indonesia’s Sugar Industry: Bright Prospects for Investment

    The low production of sugar which cannot meet the large demand of sugar cosumption in Indonesia caused by inefficient processes initiates the INAGRITECH 2018 to present its premier sub-event named SugarMach Indonesia 2018. SugarMach Indonesia 2018 is the premier show focusing on sugar machinery, innovation, and technology. This show gains a strong support from the Indonesian Sugar Association (AGI) and Indonesian Sugar Professional Association (IKAGI) as SugarMach Indonesia 2018 is held in attempt to push Indonesia’s infrastructure develpoment in sugar industry as well as supporting the country’s effort to achieve sugar self-sufficiency. For the success of the event, AGI will also hold the International Sugar Forum along with SugarMach Indonesia 2018.

    According to the Indonesia Ministry of Trade, Indonesian sugar consumption within the consumer retail segment is 3 million tonnes per year, while national sugar production is only about 2.5 to 2.7 million tonnes per year resulting in a shortfall of 300-500,000 tonnes of sugar. Therefore, the new government is committed to building 10 new sugar mills between 2015 and 2020 with Rp 42.5 trillion of investment. Each mill is hoped to be able to process 30,000 tons of sugarcane per day. To achieve the goal, Indonesia’s sugar mill must upgrade and use the modern technology and machinery for its sugar production.

    SugarMach Indonesia 2018 –  A Marketplace to Bridge to Key Sugar Industry Players

    SugarMach Indonesia 2018 is an ideal platform for sugar industry players to explore their business, to network with both local and global communities, and to unveil their latest products of technology. Indonesia’s sugar self-sufficiency effort provides an opportune time for investors to participate in the sector as well as take advantage of various incentives on offer. The bright prospects for investment in the national sugar industry is evident from the growing interests of the private sector to invest in the sector.

    The premier of SugarMach Indonesia 2018 taking place on 25 – 27 July 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia will co-locate with INAGRITECH 2018, INAGRICHEM 2018, AGROFOODTECH 2018 and INAPALM ASIA 2018. It will definitely be one of the Indonesia’s most prospective one-stop exhibitions for sugar industry players. Last but not least. the exhibition area will be expanded up to more than 25.000 sqm with over 500 exhibitors from domestic and international platform to showcase their new technology and services.

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