Indonesia International Sugar Machinery, Equipment, Processing & Technology Exhibition
SugarMach Exhibition IndonesiaSugarMach Exhibition IndonesiaSugarMach Exhibition Indonesia
(8:30 am - 5:30 pm)
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Our company was founded in 1988, we have finished hundreds fertilizer projects in China and Indonesia,Vietnam,India,Loas,South Korea,Mongolia ,Russia,Uzbekistan,Saudi Arabia,South Africa,Tanzania,Kenya,Zambia,Nigeria,Spain,Dominican Republic etc. Our products as following: 1-30 t/hr NPK compound fertilizer production line;1-30 t/hr Organic fertilizer production line;1-120 t/hr NPK bulk blending fertilizer production line;1-30 t/hr phosphate fertilizer production line,1-30 t/hr limestone production line;1-30 t/hr SSP production line; 1-10 t/hr controlled release fertilizer production line